Saturday, January 18, 2014


Wanted to catch some Miranda Memories.
I post more often on Facebook but captured some of my posts.

Miranda's phrases are a little off.

She told me she was going to "eat babies".

I said no you are going to feed babies.

She was adamant and instead of fighting I said are you giving them breakfast and she said yes, breakfast.

War of words avoided. Baby dolls getting breakfast---close call.

It's wonderful, fabulous and amazing that Miranda talks so much and I don't take that for granted. But if this almost two year old doesn't stop asking "what's that noise" when she fully knows it's the dogs barking out in the yard I may lose it. Sick mommy with a headache.

Took a shower with Miranda tonight to a) save time and b) avoid a scary end of tubby time temper tantrum like we had the other day. It was different so Miranda was interested and had fun. May not do it again though because she is intrigued by boobs and likes to pinch nipples. Funny girl.

Wow super cold. Miranda's first real experience with snow pants and the whole get up. When she fell she couldn't get up. "I want to stand" she squealed. So funny. Rode to school in the truck since she's too big for the sled and the street's icy and not good sled snow.

Cute Miranda moment of the day.

Whenever the phone rings she Yells "Mommy phone." In case I haven't heard it

So today the phone rings. She yells "Mommy phone." But i can see on call waiting its Loudoun County Schools and I tell her it's KK's school.

She goes running over to her big sis and yells "KK phone!" Fully expecting her to go get the phone.

Oh my cute baby. She loves her big sis.

Surprisingly good timing.

Miss M has been interested in the potty for months. She likes to sit on it for two seconds and them runs off. Tonight she wanted to sit on the potty. I said you can sit on the potty but when you get up we have to put on pjs. That kept her sitting on the potty long enough to make pee- pee. First time. Woo hoo. I'm not pushing it because I have no desire to deal with public restrooms with her but good to know she'll get there eventually.

Miranda amazes me daily.

The way she learns and it all just comes so easily. Her speech is off the charts. You can have a conversation with her and I think at 20 months she's supposed to be up to phrases.

She loves her sister so much which is heartwarming.

A few observations from our Family Day in Pitt.

She understands the concept of being wet---when she poured a bucket of water on the flo or at the science center and got her shoe and pant leg.

She is polite--she dropped her crayon on the floor at the restaurant and the waitress picked it up for her. She said thank you, the waitress didn't say you're welcome so she said thank you even louder until she got the appropriate response.

She's funny-- K fell asleep during dinner and M says KK sweeping. I said yes, shush. And M blurts out No Wake Her Up. KK wake up.

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