Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hoping for Success--And testing a new treatment

I know many people have seen the amazing stories about people with seizures responding greatly to cannabis oil.  After much thought and consideration we started Cailyn on cbd oil called Charlotte's Web.

Our hope is for better seizure control and reduction of prescription meds. Today Cailyn had her first two doses. 10:30 am and 10 pm.

It's an expensive option since no insurance will pay but not as expensive as originally thought. Originally we thought $250-700 a month but her dose is so small it's going to be $250 for approximately 8-10 months.

So far so good.  She had a good day. We need to watch for any bad side effects like extreme lethargy and check levels of medication in her blood in two weeks.

The oil is disgusting though. The hemp oil is mixed with olive oil but it smells earthy like wheatgrass. Super nasty. Maybe we should have gotten the mint chocolate flavor.

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