Saturday, May 14, 2016

Week 9

It's going well. We are noticing positive differences for Miss. Cailyn. Seems to have more alertness and awareness and seizures are diminished in quantity and length. She's been doing a lot of hair pulling which we think is sensory seeking. I wonder if her senses were so dulled before with all the meds and now things are waking up.

She's been on a lose dose so far and today, after some crazy lab issues for blood tests, we increased her dose. Doubled it actually.

I think we'll stay at this dose maybe 1-2 months and possibly recheck med levels in blood.

Of the two seizure meds she's taking one can go high and one can go low in the blood stream. I'd like the cbd to push the low one so low it's not in an effective rate and still have good seizure control. Then we could talk about taking it away and getting K to one prescription seizure med.

I don't believe she'll be able to stop seizure meds but going from 4 this time last year to where she is now is a big deal.

I'll update again soon.

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